Why Over 20 Million People Are Vacation Owners

If you ask vacation owners what they value most about their vacations, they will say: flexibility, affordability, variety, exchange, and comfort.

Affordable Family Vacation

Guaranteeing an affordable vacation for your family, plus enjoying spacious resort style accommodations and amenities makes vacation ownership an excellent way to increase the quality of your vacations and the likelihood that you’ll plan to get away.

We believe that the greatest benefit of vacation ownership is that you are pre-paying for your future vacations at today’s prices. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that inflation on vacation rentals runs 4-5% annually in resort areas. Compared to the overall inflation rate of 1.70% during this same period, inflation for travel lodging was significantly higher.

With Vacation Ownership, you’ll no longer have to say, “I can’t afford to go on vacation this year,” as vacation ownership guarantees access to regular vacations for much needed relaxing and rejuvenation.

Space, Comfort & Amenities of Home

In comparison to the cramped quarters of a hotel room, Vacation Ownership in a luxury appointed condominium provides extra space for your family to spread out.

Planning a vacation is also easier and more fun with vacation ownership. You know what you’re getting so there’s no stress from the uncertainty of finding the right accommodations or area. You get all the comforts of home—a full-service kitchen, laundry facilities, and other home-like amenities—but with the luxury of a resort.

Plan Ahead or Be Spontaneous

Vacation Ownership is a program that gives members the flexibility to:

  1. Enjoy a week-long vacation at Attitash Mountain Village Resort or your choice of any one of over 4,600 other luxury resorts around the world; or
  2. Enjoy short getaways by splitting your week into multiple vacations and determine:
    • How many nights you want to vacation
    • Where you want to go
    • What season you want to travel
    • The size of accommodations you need

With Vacation Ownership, you’re never locked into one destination, at one specific time of year, or for a certain length of time. It’s up to you to choose where and when you want to go, how long you want to stay and the accommodations that suit you and your family best.

Worldwide Resort Access

With Vacation Ownership, you can travel to the most sought-after destinations in the world with first-class accommodations and high-quality customer service. Through our alliance with Resort Condominiums International (RCI®), we provide our Vacation Owners expanded vacation options across the U.S. and around the world.

The RCI exchange program enables owners to explore new destinations, see new cultures, and have different vacation experiences. You typically exchange a week at your “home” resort for a week elsewhere, based on availability. From ski slopes to beaches, spas to luxury cruise ships, modern cities to quaint villages, championship golf courses to dude ranches, exchange programs offer a variety of destinations and accommodations from around the globe.

Deeded Ownership

Vacation Ownership is a way to purchase a share, or piece, of a resort that guarantees a high-quality vacation experience at least once every year. You have a deeded interest in the underlying real estate of the resort.

You select one of our luxury condominiums and purchase as many weeks as desired for your vacation plans. The condominium is deeded to you and it’s yours to own, exchange for vacation experiences at other resorts, rent out to collect some income, or if you choose eventually sell or pass on to your family to ensure they enjoy a lifetime of vacations too.

A variety of feasible Vacation Ownership options and price points are available to fit almost any budget, and by purchasing only the time you need and will use at today’s prices, you will save thousands of dollars on future vacations.

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